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Good Singing is about learning how to consciously use ALL of your voice capabilities with efficiency and
proper technique.

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Speech Training is a valuable asset that will give you self-confidence, great communication and immense improvement of your professional and personal relationships.


  I am Sotiria , a vocal coach who loves to transform people voices into their greatest potencial. I am teaching Voice lessons 15 years now and I have created the Voice Training Method Sing Positive©

  I teach master classes for singers, and singing enthusiasts of all kind.

If you love to study alone at your own pace and the comfort of your own home be sure to check out my e-Vocal Training 1

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My YouTube Channel with over 1,300,000 views and 13,000 subscribers, is focused on vocal coaching videos and motivational-empowering videos for a happier life!

My passion? To unleash your true voice potencial
My mission? To make your singing and speaking voice fully alive and gorgeous
Welcome to my singing world!

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