Vocal Lessons in studio

3 Steps Singing Process

1st step:

Voice fundamentals / Diaphragmatic breathing/ Vocal Gym

You learn:

  1. Voice and Body Alignment: preparing your instrument to sing
  2. The most efficient Breathing Technique for Singing and 4 ways to expand your diaphragmatic breathing for stronger breath support.
  3. Neck and body stretches for singers (Vocal Gym)

2nd step: TUNING your Voice /Voice Warm ups /

Vocal Technique (with the piano)

  1. You learn The "Humming and Tapping" technique which stimulates and energizes your most valuable bass tone voice resonator!
  2. We TUNE YOUR VOICE! Actually we tune every single note of your vocal range by placing the notes phonetically on your physical instrument, your body! 
  3. You learn to use the NEW RESONATORS of the Sing Positive© method for a fuller voice sound (quite impresive results after a few lessons!)
  4.  You end up with a strong powerful clear and beautiful voice sound
  5. We try different styles of singing (you always choose the songs you love to sing (of course I am helping you through the way by enriching your options) so you can develop your own singing style.
  6.  You learn Vibrato and dynamics
  7. You learn how to get rid of nasal sound/ breathy voice and other bothering stuff in your vocal sound!
  8. You learn Vocal Technique for life upgraded to the new singing data of the 21st century!

3rd step: YOU SING your songs!

You learn:

1. the 3 step song study formula


Suitable for: 

  1. Singers of all kind and level
  2. People who want to improve their speaking and singing voice
  3. Public Speakers
  4. Singing enthusiasts
  5. Music Lovers

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